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Rigid Polymer Applications

Calcium Carbonate adds functionality to polymer products and is essential for the production of certain products.

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Polylactic acid (PLA) and Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) or compounds containing one of the two materials are the material of choice for applications such as trays, cutlery or agriculture clips. The use of Calcium Carbonate in these hydrolysis-sensitive polymers requires a special surface modification on the calcium carbonate to prevent polymer degradation during extrusion. Answering the market demand to use more Calcium Carbonate in biopolymers, Omya has developed Omya Smartfill, which also gives the PLA better elongation, impact strength and punchability.


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The building and construction industry is looking for new solutions that are reliable in performance, meeting upcoming regulatory requirements and good aesthetics for front facing applications. Omya offers a wide range and versatile portfolio to address these needs and being used in applications such as pipes and profiles. Hydrocarb XP, a renowned brand from Omya is the reference product for the production of quality window profiles with higher filler loads at the same surface gloss compared to other natural Calcium Carbonates available on the market.


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Calcium Carbonate is very common in consumers day to day applications such as electrical appliances, drainage and irrigation pipes and packaging materials like trays and bottles. Its value in rigid applications is to improve stiffness and dimensional stability, and because of the improved thermal conductivity, thick-wall parts cool down faster and production efficiency increases.


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Omya Calcium Carbonate is used in high addition amounts in thermoset systems such as unsaturated polyester (UP) resins in bulk or sheet molding compounds (BMC /SMC) for the automotive industry. This includes applications requiring an ultra-smooth surface such as "Class A" applications. Other thermoset systems such as epoxy or melamine resins also achieve cost and performance benefits from using Calcium Carbonate. For cultured marble applications Omya developed a lightweight filler solution based on closed cell expanded perlite under the Omyasphere brand portfolio. The reduction in weight will benefit the handling process and total production cost.


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Benefits of Omya Smartfill in Biopolymers

Preventing hydrolysis is crucial when extruding Calcium Carbonate with PLA and PHA as well as improving brittleness and elongation in the end application.
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How to Maximize the Extruder Output With Omyamax

High filler loading and extrusion performance are crucial for the production of economic Calcium Carbonate concentrates.
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Discover How to Increase the Filler Content in Demanding Rigid PVC Applications

Hydrocarb XP ultra-fine natural Calcium Carbonate is the choice to maintain a high gloss with high filler loads.
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In addition to our wide range of Calcium Carbonate products, Omya offers a selection of complementary products for the manufacturing of rigid polymers from leading suppliers of specialty chemicals:
  • Impact modifiers
  • Flame retardants
  • Masterbatch
  • TiO2
  • Other additives
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